Living between diverse societies; Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai & New York, Bushra Hamwi gathered hybrid talents & an evolving perspective that allows her to think on different levels. One part social entrepreneur, one part creative PR consultant, two parts poet, she has gained insight into business and media-related issues along her personal and career paths.

Her first poetry book in Arabic "Who Got Eve out of Heaven" achieved notable critical success and was highly acclaimed by renowned Arab artists and authors such as Marcele Khalife, Dr. Rana Kabbani & the late Salma Haffar Kezbari. The book failed commercially and was first banned in Saudi Arabia
Driven by passion and maybe impulsiveness, Bushra dropped out of the American University in Cairo to start up an Internet services company with a friend, with an agenda to empower underprivileged youth through technology. From there, she was continuously called to work on experience-enriching projects with leading global PR agencies and local NGOs in various countries, in the midst of it she decidedly moved to New York City -a place she treasures dearly- to pursue her studies at NYU. Bushra continues to write and work on cause-related PR campaigns with an unyielding sense of curiosity, adventure & commitment, and love for what she does.
Additionally, Bushra is a former co-host of the prime-time youth talk show on MBC the Pan-Arab Entertainment Channel, she was media trained with Aljazeera News Channel, and is involved with TV initiatives aiming at bridging cultural misunderstandings.

Bushra is a fan of chocolate, classic rock music & blues lounges, and she likes to walk barefoot when it rains.